Housing Author Brief


SkillGate is looking to commission an author to help us produce an ongoing series of microlearning content bites on issues confronting Housing Associations in the UK. 

SkillGate would expect the successful candidate to have experience working within the Housing sector and be familiar with the regulatory, operational and staffing issues that Housing Association face. 

As part of the application process SkillGate would ask the author to submit 2-3 suggested topics in their cover letter. 

Scope of the Assignment 

Potential candidates will need to suggest learning objectives and titles for bites that relate to issues confronting Housing Association in the UK. Once a title and learning objective is agreed the author will need to provide the information laid out under the next heading. 

What we are looking for 

For each bite the author will need to provide; 

  1. A clear definition of the learning point they are trying to teach. 

  1. The text needed to teach that learning point. This must be no longer than 200 – 500 words. 

  1. It can contain links to other sources of information, for instance government legislation or credible news articles.  

  1. An author can also provide descriptions or examples of any images, diagrams or interactions that they feel would be useful in making their learning point.  

Process and payment 

Payment will be per bite. Once an author has been commissioned the project will go through the following steps. 

  1. The author submits his proposal for the learning objective and title for a bite. 

  1. The editorial team agrees the heading. 

  1. The author then submits their text and it is sent to our editorial team. 

  1. From here it will be turned into a microlearning bite. At this stage the editorial team may ask the author for clarification or additional information. 

  1. Once the Bite has been signed off by our editorial team the author will be paid for their contribution.