Human Rights Author Brief


SkillGate is looking to commission an author to help us produce a series of five or more microlearning content bites on the Human Rights Act and how it applies to public sector workers.  

Learning objectives 

Upon completion of the series of bites a reader should be able to; 

  • Recognise the relevance of human rights and the need for legislation  

  • Identify the 12 fundamental rights and freedoms in the articles of the Human Rights Act 

  • Recognise how the HRA supports citizens in everyday 

  • Understand the legal duty on public institutions to respect and protect human rights  


Suggested subject headings 

Why do we need a Human Rights Act? – history, context, importance, aims – what does it do? 

Overview of the Human Rights articles – 12 articles and associated protocols (Why 1 and 13 are missing?) 

Why is it important to public sector organisations? Legal duty and the issues that might ace organisations – The act requires all public bodies (like courts, police, local authorities, hospitals and publicly funded schools) and other bodies carrying out public functions to respect and protect your human rights. Any new laws should be compatible with the rights set out by European Convention on Human Rights.  

How do Human Rights work in everyday lives? (How do Human Rights help us?) 

Real life case studies/examples 

How do we apply HRA as a public sector organisation to make working more effective, fair and efficient? (working hours and conditions, discrimination, child working, forced labour, health and safety etc) – applied in a range of laws, policies etc.  

What we are looking for 

For each bite the author will need to provide; 

  1. A clear definition of the learning point they are trying to teach. 

  1. The text needed to teach that learning point. This must be no longer than 200 – 500 words. 

  1. It can contain links to other sources of information, for instance government legislation or credible news articles.  

  1. An author can also provide descriptions or examples of any images, diagrams or interactions that they feel would be useful in making their learning point.