What are SkillGate Projects?

SkillGate Projects simply integrate four essential learning media into one effective course.

  1. Online study (including refreshers & updates)
  2. Tutor supported distance learning (practical's & assignments)
  3. Face to face coaching session based on online work
  4. Tutor assessment and marking.

What are the key benefits of SkillGate's integrated approach?

  • Motivated learners
  • Multiple learning formats
  • Time efficient
  • Total Flexibility
  • Certificated reward
  • Lower costs.

Where are the face to face sessions held?

SkillGate publishes a calendar of face to face dates and venues, nationwide. Delegates may attend on any date that suits them (programmes can also be run on demand).

What is the Cost?

Each full programme including face to face and tutor distance support costs £145+vat per person.

What are the Certificates?

Delegates are awarded a Foundation Certificate on successful completion of the whole programme. Most 'stand alone' iCoach programmes are also parts of larger Diploma programmes that delegates may work towards if they wish.


"Twice the training - for half the cost"