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SkillGate Learning Management Systems (LMS)

SkillGate offers three levels of LMS; Essential, Compliance and Talent. They are designed to meet the different types of demand from different types of business.

  • Essential: focussed on self-development and minimising training adminsitration.
  • Compliance: focussed on mandatory training delivery.
  • Talent: performance management integrated with training content, coaching and compliance.

Academy10 is our entry level learning management system. We think you will be impressed with the functionality it offers as standard.

Essential Features?

The SkillGate Essential LMS includes the following as standard:

  • Look and feel - your design and graphics including site name, URL and default email addresses
  • ‘Add User’ with Bulk upload options
  • Library– programme/courses listings (with search)
  • Group & Team Manager utilities
  • ‘My Learning’ - for allocating courses to individuals by job role
  • ‘Personal Trainer’ - our unique automated training delivery system
  • Personal record keeping (including SkillCard) & detailed management reports
  • Group programme registration, home page & news management
  • 24/7 system maintenance and improvement

Benefits of a Hosted Approach

Academy10 is offered in a secure, hosted environment. This means in all cases all your staff can access 24/7 365 days per year from anywhere with internet access. While you have full control over your LMS, we will manage maintenance and continuous improvement for you.

How SkillGate LMS is Used in Practice

1. Get Started: Typically we start by designing your system to include your preferred graphical look and feel. This can include unique system name, url and default email addresses. Portals will be set up in minutes and there are no practical limits to the number of delegates that can be registered or how much they use the system.

2. Select Content: Add any programme, document, or course to your system (including the Infinity Library).

3. Select Training Delivery Methods: One of the most powerful features of the system is that you are not restricted to a single training delivery approach.

For example, many of our clients think ‘Personal Trainer’ is the most important thing we do. Personal Trainer delivers short tutorials twice a week to all registered delegates. Delegates can tune the subjects and the regularity of the tutorials they receive to meet their needs (or switch it off). Personal Trainer gets delegates thinking about learning. It markets other resources on the LMS, and it offers practical solutions to daily problems.

Other clients prefer to create 'project' based interventions.

A third popular approach is 'My Learning'. This allows managers and trainers to make recommendations/suggestions to delegate individually.

4. Add Other Required Functionality: SkillGate is a modular system. System Managers have control to add and remove 12 other distinct modules.


Record keeping and reporting are a key feature of any LMS. SkillGate comes with an advanced report generator as standard.

The reports allow:

  • Multi programme selection
  • Integrated classroom, online & coach reports.
  • Report saving
  • Field selection
  • Current and archived user reporting
  • Allocation reporting (for mandatory courses).

Advanced LMS Options

SkillGate LMS offers a range of enterprise level LMS management tools including:

  • Single sign-on. This can simplify the login process for your intranet users.

  • HRMIS ‘Feed’ synchronises users details (and the training they require) automatically with your HR system. Learning activity data can be uploaded back to your HR system.

  • Organisations can select service levels required. ‘Enterprise’ level access, for example, permits multi-company functionality including multi-portal management. Administrators may select different home page configurations.
──── The Administration ────

Some of the SkillGate LMS administrative functionality:

Short Course Booking System

Waiting List Management

Group & Team Management

Programme Authoring

Training Scheduler

Events Calendar

Mentor Matching

Appraisals Administration

Objectives Management


Programme Technology