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SkillGate Talent

'Talent' is SkillGate's appraisal, objectives and competencies management system. It integrates with SkillGate's online courses, coaching and short course booking systems.

Key Benefits

1. Systematically record (and analyse) staff skills and development improvements throught their lifetimes
2. Help staff understand how their performance meets the organisation's goals
3. Make practical sugestions to assist staff development on a cyclical basis
4. Minimise the administration involved in managing your organisation's appraisal performance reporting.

SkillGate Talent will look after the communication between appraisers and appraisees; ensure appraisal forms are completed properly; keeps secure records; and deliver appropriate reports to relevant senior managers.

SkillGate Talent also links to the Infinity library; can deliver practical help through the Coach! system; and connects to SkillGate's unique Goal Management software.

Delegates and managers can record actual and target competency levels and request 360° feedback from third parties.

It will deliver training needs analysis reports, performance scoring and will allow managers to watch training progress via personal records on SkillCard.

Other Features

Each manager has their own Talent Dashboard so that, at a glance, they can see their direct reports and their progress through the annual appraisal cycle.

The Talent Dashboard highlights required actions for managers when appropriate.

The appraisal system ‘author’ can build multiple annual appraisals in the SkillGate Programme Author. They can;

  • add different form and score elements
  • specify message and reminder sequencing
  • decide who can populate (edit/save) form elements – and when.
  • The Controller's Dashboard

    Talent controllers have ‘at a glance’ access to the dynamic forms and the stages of progress for the whole organisation via the Talent reports. Typically they are also able to;

    • overwrite editing
    • fast forward or rewind delegate progress
    • archive forms
    • access other reports e.g. assessment scores, training needs analysis.

    Individual forms are available in PDF format for printing.