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One of the largest online training course portfolios in the world.

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SkillGate offers thousands of lessons and courses in three library types :

Generic - hundreds of self-development courses in management, personal skills and office IT.

Regulatory - approximately 100 courses covering mandatory training subjects such as data security, health and safety, child protection.

Professional - industry specialist libraries; e.g insurance, hospitality, teaching, housing association.

All our courses can be used stand alone, customised, or integrated into larger training programmes

"Not all training is the same"

Our teaching methods are based on two key beliefs:

1. To learn, delegates have to use their brains. For us 'interactive' means the delegate is working - not watching.

2. 'Interactive slide shows' have their place, but there is nothing like tutor support to motivate learners. We include tutor marked practicals and assignments with most of our certificated programmes.

Short and sweet

The right content is essential - but different subjects require different approaches.

One thing everyone agrees is that delegates do not want to spend hours in front of an online course. People intuitively use the web for short sessions and we believe this is the ideal way to teach subjects online.

Shorter training interventions spread over days are better than intensive sessions.

We design our programmes to take a short but professional approach focused on workbook reading, interactive scenarios, and tutor assistance.

Multiple delivery formats

SkillGate's Infinity Library includes a series of different types of learning 'course' designed to meet different objectives. The most popular formats are:

  • Tutorials - short scenario or exercise based lessons. Used for skills development they are typically 5-10 minutes in duration.
  • eBriefings - documents with exercises and quizzes. Designed to offer knowledge improvement they are typically 10-20 minutes in duration.
  • Certificates - self-study. Certificate programmes include Tutorials, eBriefings and Tutor Marked Assignments. They typically contain between 4-8 hours of self-study.
  • Projects - managed study. Projects take delegates through a series of study objects in sequence. Typical duration 2-4 hours.
  • Regulatory - perhaps best described as ‘test and train’. The objective of regulatory programmes is to ensure delegates 'know their stuff', not necessarily to teach them anything new. They are often used for ‘refresher’ training. (Typically 5-30 minutes)

Personal Trainer - "Using the web the way it works best"

One of the most powerful features of the SkillGate Infinity system is Personal Trainer. Personal Trainer significantly increases online learning takeup.

Each week the Personal Trainer system emails delegates with two short suggested tutorials (selected at random). This generates interest in different subjects over time and links to more study via the 'more like this' suggestions at the end of the tutorial. Delegates can personalise their own Personal Trainer by selecting from a range of subject ‘Folios’.

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