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SkillGate simply develops technology that supports staff development. We offer an integrated service in three main areas:

  • Talent/Performance Management Software
  • eLearning Courses
  • Compliance Management Software
  • In total, we offer 12 different technological solutions that our clients mix and match as they wish to meet their corporate objectives.

    1. 'My Learning' - an essential LMS
    2. 'Traffic Light'- a compliance management system
    3. SkillGate 'Talent' - integrated performance & competence management
    4. Short Course Booking System
    5. Survey Software
    6. Personal Trainer - a 'social' training delivery system
    7. Mentor/Coaching Management
    8. CPD & Qualifications Manager
    9. Library Toolkit
    10. Programme Author
    11. 360° Feedback
    12. Cross Site Trainer (XST)

    We also offer one of the world's largest portfolios of online courses with some 2,000 titles in our Infinity Library (management & softskills) and a wide range of Professional and Regulatory Libraries.

    We don't believe one size fits all. SkillGate's unique modular system allows you to pick and choose the functionality you need.

    ──── Testimonials ────

    Here's some of what they say!

    "Great course with all the questions and quizzes relevant to the content, which I loved."
    Better Written English - Intermediate

    "Very visually interesting and interactive, with great content. And the customer service was excellent."
    Learning to Supervise People

    "I liked the fact that you could leave the course and come back to it at any time."
    Being Assertive

    "A great refresher with the right content. It was interactive and I found the tips useful."
    Avoid Common Mistakes in Writing

    "Very useful because I write a lot of reports. I have already recommended it to a colleague!"
    Written English – Improve Your Punctuation