SKGool Courses

SKGool Courses

SkillGate SKGool offers serious professional study courses at internet prices.

We do this by integrating modern information communication technologies with traditional classroom approaches.

Each SKGool course comprises:

  • Structured online tutorials: SkillGate's Library contains thousands of tutorials, exercises and scenarios for instant online learning.
  • Tutored assignments: exercises and scenarios allow delegates to show the tutor how they have applied lessons in practice.
  • Webinars: tutor host a face to face session where specific issues can be addressed and assignments evaluated.
  • Headlines and White Boards: These allow tutors to keep in touch with alumni and post updates, refresher items and new ideas.

SKGool courses can be used with SkillGate LMS, Traffic Light or Appraisal as well as third party LMS systems.

SKGool is unique. It offers the highest quality professional development courses at the lowest possible prices. You will not have experienced anything like it before.

Example Titles:

Business Management

 Basics of Statistics
 Customer Service Excellence


 Coaching for Performance


 Key Communication Skills


 Intermediate Level Microsoft Excel
 Intermediate Level Microsoft Word
 Introduction to Microsoft Excel
 Introduction to Microsoft Word


 Delivering Better Appraisals
 Delivering Feedback
 Introduction to Teams and Leadership
 Key Communication Skills
 Managing Change at Work
 Managing Poor Performance
 Running Effective Meetings

Personal Development

 Charisma and Personal Impact
 Creativity at Work
 Essential Selling Skills
 How to be More Assertive
 How to Get Promoted
 Managing Time & Priorities
 Power & Influence
 Strategies for Coping with Stress


 Introducing SkillGate
 SkillGate Staff Training

Writing and Grammar

 Writing for Business


SKGool courses are for professionals who want to study to improve their performance.

Each certificated course includes;

  • online tutorials with tests and scenarios
  • tutor marked assignments
  • special exercises
  • tutor directed webinars
  • continuous professional updates.

With SKGool, you study where and when you want, with the added bonus of regular short fixed time webinars with your tutor to keep you on track.

A combination of interactve exercises (often tutor assessed) will ensure that you enjoy and assimilate learning simultaneously.

In addition, as you study you accumulate Contuing Professional Development (CPD)points, which in turn, lead to 'badges'.

All the courses listed (left) are run by SkillGate specialist tutors, but courses can be run inhouse using your own facilitators.

Discover what makes SKGool courses unique call us on 01730 815670.


And don't forget SkillGate Badges:

The best way to motivate today's learners!

"Great course with all the questions and quizzes relevant to the content, which I loved."
Better Written English - Intermediate
"Very visually interesting and interactive, with great content. And the customer service was excellent." Learning to Supervise People
"I liked the fact that you could leave the course and come back to it at any time."
Being Assertive