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Other titles include:

Development Programmes:

Achieve Your Potential
Anti-Social Behaviour Scotland
Being Assertive
Business Writing
Care Certificate: Standard 01 (Understand Your Role)
Care Certificate: Standard 02 (Your Personal Development)
Care Certificate: Standard 03 (Duty of Care)
Care Certificate: Standard 04 (Equality and Diversity)
Care Certificate: Standard 05 (Work in a Person Centred Way)
Care Certificate: Standard 06 (Communication)
Care Certificate: Standard 07 (Privacy and Dignity)
Care Certificate: Standard 08 (Fluids and Nutrition)
Care Certificate: Standard 09 (Awareness of Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disabilities)
Care Certificate: Standard 10 (Safeguarding Adults)
Care Certificate: Standard 11 (Safeguarding Children)
Care Certificate: Standard 12 (Basic Life Support)
Care Certificate: Standard 13 (Health and Safety)
Care Certificate: Standard 14 (Handling Information)
Care Certificate: Standard 15 (Infection Prevention and Control)
Communicating with People with Dementia
Communication in The NHS Certificate
Communication Skills
Computer Safety - Protect you, your files and your computer
Confidence and Personal Impact
Conflict at Work
Creativity in Business
Credit Management
Customer Service Management
Data Protection
Decision Making and Problem Solving
Delivering Exceptional Customer Service
Develop Your Coaching Skills
Developing Others
Developing Your Coaching Skills
Diversity in the Workplace
Effective Leadership
Effective Leadership Skills
Equality & Diversity
Essential Health and Safety for Care Workers
Excellent Written English
Finance for Non-Financial Managers
Finance for the Non Financial Managers
Fire Safety
From Good to Great Manager
Getting to Grips with COSHH (H&S)
Grievance, Discipline and Dismissal
Health and Safety Certificate for Managers
How to be Assertive
How to Influence and Persuade
How to Recruit the Best People
Improve Your Reading Skills
Infection Control H&S
Interpersonal Skills
Introduction to Selling
Key Skills for Entrepreneurs
Leading Your First Team
Learn and Understand Programming (Universal Concepts)
Learning to Supervise People
Making the Most of Your Annual Appraisal
Managing Change
Managing Email Overload
Managing People through Times of Change
Managing Stress in the Workplace
Managing Your Time
Manual Handling (Care) H&S
Microsoft Excel 2010 - Beginners
Microsoft Excel 2010 - Intermediate
Microsoft Excel 2013 - Beginners
Microsoft Excel 2013 - Intermediate
Microsoft Excel 2016/365 - Beginners
Microsoft Excel 2016/365 - Intermediate
Microsoft Outlook 2010 - Beginners
Microsoft Outlook 2010 - Intermediate
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 - Beginners
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 - Intermediate
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 - Beginners
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 - Intermediate
Microsoft PowerPoint 2016/365 - Beginners
Microsoft PowerPoint 2016/365 - Intermediate
Microsoft Project 2013
Microsoft Word 2010 - Beginners
Microsoft Word 2010 - Intermediate
Microsoft Word 2013 - Beginners
Microsoft Word 2013 - Intermediate
Microsoft Word 2016/365 - Beginners
Microsoft Word 2016/365 - Intermediate
Mind and Memory
MS Access 2003
MS Excel - Intermediate
MS Excel 2003
MS Excel 2013 - Beginners
MS Excel 2013 - Intermediate
MS Outlook 2003
MS Powerpoint - Intermediate
MS PowerPoint 2003
MS Word - Intermediate
MS Word 2003
New Manager
Presentation Skills
Principles of Safeguarding in Health and Social Care
Productive Meetings
Professional Boundaries
Project Management
Proofamatics On-Line
Recognising Abuse
Rent Arrears Scotland
Report Writing
Risk Assessment
Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults
Safety for Lone Workers (H&S) (for Care)
Sickness & Absence reporting using ITrent
Slips, Trips and falls H&S
Supervisory Skills
The Financial Manager
Time Management
Understanding Duty of Care
Understanding HR Essentials
Understanding Person-Centred Care
Using MS Excel 2007 More Effectively
Working Safely (H&S)
Written English - Avoid Common Confusions
Written English - Improve Your Punctuation
Written English - Improve Your Writing Style

Regulatory Programmes:

Absence Management - Best Practice and the Fit Note
Absence Management - The Return to Work Interview
Advanced Data Protection (2016)
Advanced Data Protection 2017 (Including EU-GDPR)
Advantages of Using Intellectual Property (IP)
Anti-Bribery and Corruption Training
Anti-Bribery Training
Anti-Bullying & Harassment
Anti-Money Laundering
Anti-Money Laundering (Housing Associations)
Anti-Money Laundering (including Money Laundering regulations 2017)
Anti-Money Laundering - Housing Associations (including Money Laundering regulations 2017)
Asbestos Awareness
Avoiding Slips and Trips at Work
Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness
Conduct Rules
Conducting a Risk Assessment
Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007
Counter Fraud
Disability Awareness
Display Screen Equipment (DSE)
Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training
Environmental Awareness at Work
Environmental Sustainability
Essential Health and Safety for Care Workers
Fire Marshal Training
Fire Safety
First Aid Scenarios & Refresher
Food Safety and Hygiene - Level 1
Food Safety and Hygiene - Level 2
Getting to Grips with COSHH
Health and Safety Certificate for Managers
How to Manage Information Securely
Infection Control (H&S)
Introduction to Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014
Introduction to Data Protection (2016)
Introduction to Data Protection 2017 (Including EU-GDPR)
Introduction to Data Protection and Freedom of Information (2016)
Introduction to Data Protection and Freedom of Information 2017 (Including EU-GDPR)
Introduction to GDPR
Introduction to Professional Boundaries
Introduction to Whistleblowing
Legionella Management and Prevention
Managing Equality and Diversity for Senior Managers
Manual Handling
Manual Handling of People
Mental Health Awareness
Modern Slavery Awareness (General)
Modern Slavery Awareness for Housing Associations
New and Expectant Mothers
Online Safety and Cyber Awareness
Pandemic Management Awareness
PREVENT - Understanding the Government's Counter-Terrorism Strategy
Promoting British Values
Recording and Reporting Accidents and Incidents at Work (RIDDOR)
Safe Driving
Safeguarding Adults at Risk
Safeguarding Adults at Risk (2017)
Safeguarding Adults at Risk (for Care)
Safeguarding Adults at Risk (for Scotland)
Safeguarding Children and Young People
Safeguarding Children and Young People (2017)
Selling Alcohol Legally and Responsibly
Stop and Search - A Guide for Employers
The Care Act 2014
The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM) 2015
The Mental Capacity Act
Training for Designated Safeguarding Officers and Leads (Adults at Risk)
Training for Designated Safeguarding Officers and Leads (Children)
Understanding Domestic Abuse
Understanding Equality and Diversity
Understanding Equality and Diversity (2017)
Understanding Fire Risk Assessments
Understanding Gifts and Hospitality Regulations
Understanding Hate Motivated Behaviour
Understanding Intellectual Property (IP)
Understanding PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliance
Using Social Media Responsibly
Valuing Diversity, Equality and Inclusion
Working at Height
Working Safely - An Introduction to Workplace Health and Safety (for Employees)
Working Safely with Steps and Ladders

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Better Written English - Intermediate
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Being Assertive