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A forum for research, evaluation, and considered comment on online training techniques that cause real behavioural change in organisations. For details on SkillGate's latest courses news please see [Infinity].

The Government's new scheme to help get young people into work is currently open for applications. SkillGate's new Kickstart training package offers these young people the training required to kickstart their professional careers.


  • Check out the results of our latest survey on the UK LMS market.


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  • It is the job of an LMS to deliver training to individuals and monitor their progress. Yet only 17% of organisations say digital learning is encouraging behavioural change. The problem with the traditional LMSs is that they are not ‘smart’.


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  • The recent lockdown has focused staff attention on online training. We have seen course completions more than double in the past two months. We know anecdotally why this is, but what's particularly interesting is the take up of different learning formats.


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  • To support businesses during these difficult times we have created SkillGate InTouch. InTouch is a new training and development tool designed to help you keep in touch with your most valuable resource - your people - wherever they are.


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  • Achieve 100% compliance training levels across your organisation and take the stress out of managing mandatory training with Traffic Light!


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  • If ever there was a year that demanded a clarity of vision, 2020 must be it! With this in mind, we have taken the opportunity to identify the 5 key areas we plan to develop in 2020 to improve the SkillGate learning environment for our customers and users.


Are You Interested in the Kickstart Scheme?

SkillGate’s new online Kickstart Training Programme has been developed with the Government's Kickstart scheme training requirements in mind, to offer organisations a package that will provide young workers with great quality skills training.

What does the programme offer?

  • The opportunity to work towards a Kickstart Certificate
  • An off-the-shelf, affordable package tailored to meet government requirements
  • A library full of relevant, tried-and-tested online courses
  • The chance to help young people hit the ground running in the professional world

How does the programme work?

  • Participants will be enrolled on the training programme on the day they start their placement.
  • Participants will receive regular emails containing short, interactive training activities or exercises.
  • Participants will also be regularly directed to online tutorials which, if completed, will allow them to start collecting CPD points.
  • If participants collect a certain number of CPD points overall, they will be awarded their Kickstart Certificate.

For more information, view our Kickstart Training Programme package details below.

If you would be interested in learning more get in touch with a member of the SkillGate team on 01730 815670 /


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