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Technical Upgrades

 Technical News and Updates

SkillBuilder Intelligence Reports: Version 2 Now Available

Our new Intelligence Reporting system is now available. The latest upgrade is more dynamic, faster to load, and makes it more straightforward to secure permissions for selected users.

The interface has also changed to make it more user-friendly and to bring it in line with other SkillGate version 9 interfaces.

SkillBuilder OKR Software Now Available with Perform

The increasingly popular goal management framework, Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), is now available with SkillGate's Perform system.

Objectives set in a performance review are notoriously hard to quantify. With OKRs, numerical Key Results are set alongside the Objectives to make them measurable.

Managers and employees can review their key results at any time to track progress. Reports can be run on an individual, departmental or organisational level to view overall improvements and trends.

SkillBuilder Group Member Manager

We have updated the functionality of 'My Groups' to simplify the addition and removal of group members and group masters.

Administrators can now easily remove users, make users masters, add 'Secret Masters,' add and delete groups all in one place.

SkillBuilder Manage Virtual Training Sessions from your LMS

Designed with remote learning in mind, our webinar booking system is now available. An extension of our Classroom Booking System, this new feature will help you manage the admin around training sessions conducted via webinar.

You can now select the 'Webinar' option as a course type and can embed the webinar link into the course details.

On booking, attendees will automatically receive an outlook diary appointment invitation with the webinar link and details of the webinar included. Email confirmation and subsequent reminders will also include webinar access link and details.

SkillBuilder Update Visual Content on Your LMS Homepage

It is now possible for SkillGate LMS administrators to add their own images and videos to their LMS homepage. This feature offers added flexibility to LMS administrators, allowing them to offer relevant content to users on a more immediate basis.

To update the imagery, access via [Admin] in the navigation bar and choose the [news] option from the drop-down.

Here you have access to a simple HTML editor where you can modify the homepage text. To update the image or add a video, simply click on the asset library icon on the bottom right of the window and then follow the instructions. You can add an existing file from your asset library, or can upload from your computer.

SkillBuilder My Plan Version 2

We have now launched an upgrade to My Plan.

The new version offers a better interface with ‘at-a-glance’ weekly and monthly calendars and more information about each programme the user is registered on. It automatically displays information from all SkillGate systems - My Learning, Traffic Light, and Perform.

SkillBuilder Latest Classroom Booking System Update

Now a classroom administrator can give the ‘attendance’ page to a third party (e.g. the actual course tutor). These ‘Attendance Monitors’ can complete 'attendance/no show' online to speed up administration.

SkillBuilder Daily Lessons

SkillGate users can now receive Daily Lessons in subjects specifically requested by them.

Users receiving Headlines emails are invited to subscribe to Daily Lessons, in subjects of their choosing, via the Daily Lessons link in the email.

A daily lesson focuses on a very specific subject. Users receive an email every day including an exercise or short lesson on that particular subject. Once the course of Daily Lessons is complete, users can then unsubscribe from that stream.

SkillBuilder Introducing InTouch

We are delighted to be able to make SkillGate InTouch available to customers.

A development on our popular Headlines system, InTouch is a simple training and communication tool that allows system administrators to design, build and share Headlines via NewsFeeds.

A Headline is a short, interactive online page which focuses on a particular subject and can include news, lessons, training activities and more.

Every time a new Headline is added, users will receive an email directly into their inbox, taking them to a NewsFeed page featuring the latest Headlines.

Via the InTouch dashboard, administrators can:

  • Create Headlines from scratch using the InTouch Editor
  • Copy and edit pre-prepared Headlines taken from the InTouch Headlines library
  • And Manage the distribution of Headlines emails

  • 25/03/2020  
    SkillBuilder Classroom Booking System Upgrade

    We have made a series of improvements the back-end of the Classroom system to bring it in line with the Version 5.1 Editor and to give it a more modern look and feel. The functionality remains largely the same but the system has been updated to align with the rest of your Version 9 site.  

    We will be automatically upgrading everyone who has the Classroom Booking System as of this week.  

    SkillBuilder Traffic Light Line Manager Triggers

    It is now possible to send 'trigger' emails to line-managers to remind them to check their manager Traffic Light reports so they are up to date on the compliance training status of their direct reports.

    Trigger emails can be scheduled to go out daily, weekly or monthly and contain a link that will take the line-manager directly to their report.

    SkillBuilder Traffic Light Courses and Induction

    Increasingly companies are adding an Induction Traffic Light Code with additional courses for inductees. This has meant that new starters are getting too many registrations all at once. We have added Stagger-days so that in Allocations administrators can set course registrations to be staggered by days or weeks.

    The same editor allows administrators to add Delay-days. This feature gives delegates longer to proceed with the course from registration.


    Note:This information covers site improvements, developments, and general technical service improvements for all SkillGate systems. Individual details may vary from site to site.

    Major developments are highlighted in bold.