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Training Training with SkillGate

SkillGate delivers regular short webinars every Friday.

Understanding the Full SkillGate Product Range

 Venue: Online - Duration: 30mins - Cost: Free - Starts 3.30pm

Starting with WhizzAuthor

 Venue: Online - Duration: 30 mins - Cost: Free - Starts 10.30pm

To receive joining instructions please call 01730 815670.


Papers Useful Papers

Creating Great Online Learning (pdf download)

The success of online training cannot be disputed.  It is a sophisticated and developing industry responsible for professional training of people across the globe.  The reason for its success is obvious.  It is a highly efficient and cost-effective means of ensuring that as many people as possible have access to the training they need to be able to do their jobs. However, measurement of the success of elearning has eluded industry professionals for as long as the sector has existed. This paper suggests a formula for online training that could be the basis for all ROI discussion in the future.



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