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Learning Management System

This is SkillGate's original LMS service that today supports hundreds of the UK's leading organisations.

It offers all the services you want from your LMS including; Record Keeping; Library Management; CPD & Badges; Teams and Group Management; Learning Plans, etc.

The Library can include all types of learning objects. You can upload and then index your courses in minutes. The system supports most common training document formats including SCORM 'compiled' courses and is, of course, fully compatible with all SkillGate Infinity courses.

SkillGate's LMS acts as the 'hub' for all our other products and courses, and is supported by our advanced range of Enterprise Services.

Learning Plans

Our system offers many ways of creating and developing learning plans. You can select programmes of courses; pre-determine courses by job role; add actions directly or via the appraisal system; or simply allow managers to add recommended courses.

The automated time line will suggest review dates, allow you to modify them, automatically remove programmes you have completed from the active list and advise you if you are behind on your schedule.

Teams, Hierarchy and Groups

Organisational hierarchies allow team managers access to groups and teams you create. Managers have access to the systems to support their direct staff or groups of staff.

They can access staff records, set plans, objectives, actions. They can monitor staff compliance status, certificates and badges, as well as other performance management systems.

Reward - CPD, Badges and SkillCard

Reward is a vital incentive to get delegates to complete courses and continue on their training journey. The SkillGate system offers several reward based approaches.

CPD points are awarded to delegates automatically on completion of any training, whether formal or informal, on the SkillGate system. Delegates may also add their own CPD points if they undertake external training activities .

CPD points accumulate to 'badges'. Badges are widely recognised as a motivator to delegates to continuous study.

SkillGate also includes a qualifications management system. Again courses online will automatically add qualifications to the delegate record - or delegates can add their own.

Delegates can 'share' information about their qualifications and the awards they have achieved the SkillCard system.

Activity Reports and Records

Report Builder allows real-time access to activity reports. You can create, save, view or schedule the export of custom reports of all activity on the system.

The system enables managers to personalise the reports they need with customised search filters and data selections. They can filter reports by organisation, position or other user information.

Mobile App

The SkillGate app is a great resource for training staff on the go. With branding designed to align with your company guidelines, benefits of the app include a once only login-in system and the ability to complete training and check status on a phone or tablet.