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SkillGate InTouch is a free training and communication tool that allows you to keep in touch with your team, continue their professional and personal development and support their wellbeing wherever they are.

With the help of built-in editing software, and a library of prepared content, you can send news updates, exercises, surveys, games and more to all your colleagues at the click of a button.

An Intro to InTouch

How Does InTouch Work?

1. InTouch is a training communication tool that allows training managers to create and regularly update NewsFeeds with news and training material.

2. InTouch automatically sends an email to the users listed under that NewsFeed at intervals decided by the administrator.

3. The email links to a Headline – a Headline is a short, interactive online page that can include lessons, tests, surveys and further study

4. Training managers can create their own Headlines or copy and edit from a ready-made Headlines library.

See InTouch in Action

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We want to support your business through these challenging times, and hope that use of the InTouch system will help you manage the training and wellbeing of your staff.

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Your InTouch system will include:

  • Your own company branded NewsFeed portal page
  • A NewsFeed management tool where you can prepare your Headlines, select recipients and manage reports
  • An advanced content editor to edit and create your Headlines
  • 6 ready-made NewsFeeds including one Headline per NewsFeed. These are replaced with new Headlines every week and will include exercises, tests, surveys and further study.
  • Contact us today for an InTouch demo with a member of the team, or register for your own InTouch portal via the link above.