An avanced learning system.

SkillGate's LMS


Academy10 is SkillGate's LMS system.

It is one of the UK's most popular LMS system and supports hundreds of organisations ranging in size from 50 to 15,000 staff.

Academy10 offers an exhaustive range of key features and supports the 'plugin' products for specialist applications listed in the UTS section.

Academy10 includes as standard; Record Keeping; Library Management; CPD & Badges; Teams and Group Management; Reporting, etc.

The latest versions integrate LMS (2) technologies. You can now combine A.I. delivered microlearning with all our performance management and training tools to create the most effective learning interventions.

The system is fully responsive to work on any device and has its own app. The app is a great resource for training staff on the go. With branding designed to align with your company guidelines, benefits of the app include a once only login-in system and the ability to complete training and check status on a phone or tablet.

Features list:

Add User

Auto-managed via HRMIS Feeds
Manual Overwrite via Add User
Self-Defined User Profile Options
Self-managed bulk-upload
Self-registration & Onboarding


Self defined Home Page options
Customised graphical interfaces
Customised email text and addresses
Site URLs, LMS name, default email addresses etc
Scalable systems from SME to multi-national levels.

Find a Course

Clever Course Search
Expanding Faculty Search Listing
Tell a Friend/Colleague
Generic and Custom Library Management
Supports Multiple Programme Formats
Add 3rd party courses


Multi Purpose Groups
Group Membership Management
Group Master Management
Group Master Reports
Secret Masters
Group Master access to Group Member Details
Add/Delete Groups


Compliance & Performance Teams
Line Manager access to Team Member Details
Manual Team Manager Override


Personal Compliance (Traffic Light) Reports
Team Compliance (Traffic Light) Reports

My Plan

Weekly and Quarterly calendar
Job Role populated via My Learning
Strategic Planner
Integrated with Perform and Traffic Light


Self-defined savable, realtime Activity Reports
Scheduled Activity Report generation and dispatch
CPD Reports
Intelligence Reports
Qualifications Reports

User Administration

Long Term Absence
Archiving and Deleting
eMail Bounceback management


InTouch daily lessons generator


Permissions controlled access
Multiple Security Options
Single Sign On - Most SSO standards supported
ISO 27001 compliant

Advanced Options

XST - Use SkillGate generated programmes on any SCORM compliant LMS
SCORM and xAPI Integrated
HRMIS Feeds - Standard imports with customised rules
Multi-Portal Management


Service Requests Ticketing
UK based telephone Help Line for Users
User support - Bronze, Silver & Gold Options
Version Control and Updating

Specialist Modules

WhizzAuthor - Programme Author
Classroom - Events Booking Management
Traffic Light - Compliance Management
Perform - Performance Management