An LMS to support ambition


It is too easy for online course delivery systems to forget that it is the delegates who matter. For this reason SkillGate online courses and systems are designed with people built in.

Here are some examples of our unique human support systems:

Assignment marking

People motivate people

Real SkillGate tutors mark every single delegate assignment and practical included in our certificated courses, and of course are available to handle trainee support issues.

Professional training advice

Our professional advisers support users with practical daily suggestions and advice to training requests. PinboardPro can be used stand alone or linked to the performance management or appraisal systems.



Marketing training to every user

SmartCafé is a regular training newscast for your users. Using A.I it includes short lessons on issues of relevance to each user. Lessons point to further study options.

Make administration easier

SkillGate does not simply switch on its software solutions and leave you to it.

Your SkillGate personal account manager can deliver a range of services;

  • manage all routine administration features of the system for you
  • manage emails from users
  • offer strategic suggestions and training advice
  • and offer individual help-line support to you and all your users.

Lighten the load

Looking for more than the Essential Academy10?
Look no further than SkillGate's Universal Training System!

SkillGate's Universal Training System (UTS) adds an extensive range of important options to your LMS.

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