Build the system you need.

You can have your LMS working in less than 5 minutes (and with corporate branding in 24 hours!).

That might be all you need (and cost a lot less than you expect). But of course, not all elearning is the same. In fact, good organisational training takes many forms.

SkillGate offers the most flexible learning system options on the market. You can select (and only pay for) the systems that meet your exact needs.

SkillGate offers 22 distinct learning systems. All of them integrate with each other, and all are based on the Academy 10 LMS platform with its extensive range of standard features. So whatever you choose now the future looks limitless.

For details of each of the SkillGate systems click on the links on the right.

Learning Management System:

Academy10 - the LMS Platform

LMS add-ons:

 Mobile App
 My Learning

SmartCafé: - make learning fun!

 Infinity library

Traffic Light: - make mandatory training simple

 Traffic Light
 Compliance courses

Perform: - help managers manage performance

 Annual Appraisal
 360° feedback
 Training requests

Classroom: - integrate face to face training with elearning

 Classroom - external
 Course evaluator

Authoring: - build your own online courses

 External publisher
 Course checker

Services: - make your systems work together

 Data feeds
 Branded certificates
 Single sign on
 Multi portal