SkillGate's offers thousands of tutorials, exercises, quizzes and briefings. These courses may be used 'stand-alone' but they are designed to support SkillGate's performance management software suite. Each month we offer a range of free Foundation programmes for anyone to use. (See below)

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Other Programmes

SkilGate offers hundreds of top quality online courses free to members. Members use them to support staff via; Infinity Library and Personal Trainer; Traffic Light compliance manager; Talent performance Manager; blended projects with Short Course Booking System; and/or linked to their own LMS with XST (cross site trainer). The following is a selection that are also available on a 'pay to use' basis for individuals. For more detail us on 01730 815670.

"Great course with all the questions and quizzes relevant to the content, which I loved."
Better Written English - Intermediate
"Very visually interesting and interactive, with great content. And the customer service was excellent." Learning to Supervise People
"I liked the fact that you could leave the course and come back to it at any time."
Being Assertive